Your Guide to Select the Perfect QuickBooks Hosting Provider

QuickBooks Desktop is one of the most preferred accounting software. This software efficiently meets end-user accounting needs of CPAs, bookkeepers and SMBs. QuickBooks Desktop is loaded with a gamut of features that streamlines day-to-day financial activities.

Several QuickBooks users rely on the cloud technology to access QuickBooks. QuickBooks hosting boosts the overall performance of QuickBooks. With QuickBooks hosting, you can access QuickBooks from any remote location and that too with added scalability and security.

If you are a beginner and want to access QuickBooks through the cloud server then, it becomes important to partner with a reliable QuickBooks hosting provider. The performance of QuickBooks Desktop hosted on the cloud server depends on several factors.

If a QuickBooks hosting provider doesn’t have the state-of-the-art and secure data center and other essential expertise then, you will always face troubles in getting the desired returns from QuickBooks.

To enable you with powerful and GenNext QuickBooks experience, in this blog post, let’s understand key steps that you need to follow while selecting the perfect hosting provider.


Four Step Guide to Select the Perfect QuickBooks Hosting Partner

1. Minutely Understand Data Loss Prevention Policy

One of the most critical areas where you should minutely focus while selecting a QuickBooks hosting provider is Data Loss Prevention Policy. Any reputed hosting provider, usually ensures that there is no instance of data loss during data transfer or migration.

However, if there strikes any disaster in form of server breakdown or natural calamity then, it is important for you to have prior knowledge how a hosting provider will secure and retain your business-critical financial files and data on its cloud server.

2. Check Availability

While selecting a QuickBooks hosting provider, it is also important to check maximum availability SLA. Maximum availability generally means that you have to not face downtime while accessing QuickBooks.

A reliable QuickBooks hosting provider usually ensures high availability, that is 99.995 percent uptime. However, before getting to the agreement with the QuickBooks hosting provider, through demo check pre-verify high-availability claims.

3. Verify Confidentiality of QuickBooks Data

QuickBooks data are Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and confidential. Any expose of QuickBooks data to an unauthorized person may adversely impact your business prospects.

It is, therefore, important that before you get into an agreement with the cloud hosting provider, you verify their clauses for confidentiality of QuickBooks data.

4. Compare Cost and Services

Getting the right service at the right price is quintessential for small and medium-sized businesses who have a tight budget. There are several QuickBooks hosting providers who unreasonably charge a hefty amount of money.

It is, therefore, advisable that before you select a QuickBooks hosting provider for your business, you have an in-detail analysis of cost and services offered by top QuickBooks hosting providers.

Techarex Networks – Your Perfect QuickBooks Hosting Provider

Techarex Networks, with its years of immense experience, has emerged as the leading QuickBooks Hosting Provider in the United States.


There are several consumer concerns that we meet through our state-of-the-art datacenters and a team of dedicated cloud accounting and QuickBooks experts.

Let’s look at a few major concerns of SMBs, CPAs and individual accountants that Techarex Networks have been efficiently overcoming through our constant innovation and passion.


Client’s Concerns

Advantages of QuickBooks Hosting with Techarex Networks

Data Security

Optimal QuickBooks data security through SSAE 16 certified datacenters and Tier 2 security compliance.
Network Downtime

Guaranteed 99.995 IT uptime and superior network connectivity.

User Interface

We enable you with easy-to-understand QuickBooks user interface that doesn’t need any expertise to understand.

24/7 Support

Our QuickBooks and cloud hosting experts are available round the clock.

Hassle-free Printing

We give you a printing option to print checks, invoices and other important financial information.

Drag & Drop File Transfer

We give you an option to securely transfer QuickBooks data to our cloud server.

Multi-monitor Support

You also have an option to avail multi-monitor support to ease QuickBooks accessibility.

20 GB Free Space

We give you the flexibility to easily enhance space on the cloud server to store or archive your QuickBooks files.


Our QuickBooks hosting services comes with Pay-as-you-go model, which makes the overall QuickBooks affordable.



To get exceptional, powerful and robust QuickBooks experience at an affordable cost, it is important to select the reliable and experienced QuickBooks hosting provider. The above-mentioned guidelines will surely help you get the right QuickBooks hosting partner.

If you have any query related to QuickBooks hosting, Sage hosting or if you wish to know more about Techarex Networks then, feel free to contact us. We currently have an end of the season offers exclusively customized for your business.

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