Why Do You Need Vitamin Supplements After 40?

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Does work out in gym ensures you a healthy life style?

It’s important to keep yourself fit, but it’s even more important to intake a rich healthy diet. However, people are least bothered about a healthy body. The only thing they are interested is in “weight reduction”. Hence, they follow all wrong habits of dieting and affect their body by increasing deficiencies in their body. This trend is very common among women’s. They fail to acknowledge that a women’s body extensively demands various vitamins in different stages. But our limited knowledge and our sedentary lifestyle is a big hurdle. Thus, no wonder why vitamin supplements become even more relevant after a certain age, especially in the case of women. Here are few vitamins, which you can’t afford to miss from your diet.


How much omega3s is included in your diet per day? I know hardly anyone bothers to keep such records. But it’s high time that you start taking such things into consideration. Experts say that your diet should include at least 1000 mg of omega daily. The vitamin is rich in DHA and EPA acids. Both the acids are immensely necessary for your body. But it’s difficult to search for foods rich in omega and then include in your diet. Hence, a best way is to pick a supplement which includes the combination. Do check the composition   of your supplement, and then include it in your regular diet.


Do I really need to explain the relevancy of calcium needed in a body? Calcium is one of the most important elements our body regularly needs in high demand. This becomes even more important in women’s bodies. The Study revealed that a woman body registers continuous depreciation of calcium especially after pregnancy. It’s said that one pregnancy made you lose nearly 5 years of calcium. And trust me; I am not making it up.

Our body needs nearly 1000 mg of calcium every day and this figure even rises after menopause. Hence, it’s important that your body should start consuming a high scale of calcium as early as possible. A better way is to include supplements in your diet, which contains a high intake of calcium. Even many doctors recommend taking some kind of supplements regularly. Since a glass of milk only provides us with 300 mg of calcium. Also, your calcium should equally contain vitamin D along with calcium. Vitamin D helps you to absorb calcium in a better way.  Hence, your body should have a required amount of Vitamin D.


Vitamin D

The study revealed that if you are vegetarian then your body would have an all deficiencies of vitamin D. we are not able to give even a quarter of vitamin D in our body from the required amount. On an average our body should get between 400 to 600 IU of vitamin D daily. Its’ requirement fluctuates according to our age.  The products which contain vitamin D are mostly fish, eggs and liver. Your body should include supplements which are rich in Vitamin D.

These are the top three vitamins which our body can’t miss to include in our regular diet. There are various supplements available in the market like Optimum Nutrition which is really good and healthy for your body.

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