What To Pack First When Moving A House?

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Whether your move is a month away or you’re moving within 24 hours, the key for a smooth move is to organize yourself and your possessions. Packing is the main factor in planning and organizing a smooth move.  So, the first step after planning is the packing. To achieve success in packing, the main rule is to create a packing list. What to pack first? It is a common question, people ask before packing. Simple, the answer is to pack the things you need the least.


Items in the Storage Areas

Firstly, start packing all the things you stored in the garage, attics, basement, storerooms and all the things that are rarely used.  So, attack the storage areas and pack all the things. It is better to separate the things in 3 different boxes, like separate those things which are old and you want to donate and sell them. Then, pack all the outdated things you want to discard, in a separate box. Third, all the things that you want to take with you in your new house, pack them in a separate box. After sorting out the things in separate boxes, label the boxes. Then dispose of the discarded things and also donate the items that you’ve separated.

Non Essential Items

Non essential items are those which are not important for living, which you don’t require in your daily routine such as decoration and pieces of art, off-season cloth and shoes, extras, collectibles, accessories, specialized kitchenware, DVDs, CDs, video games, hobby material and other tools and equipments. Consider packing all the fragile items like decoration pieces, specialized kitchen tools and other things that need utmost care. Then collect your photos, memories and all collectibles and pack them in a box, so you don’t miss anything.  Pack all the extras like towels, linens, duvet covers and bedding separately. Try to pack all the other things, clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories or toiletries that you don’t need on a daily basis and you can live without for a month.

 Which Rooms To Pack First

After cleaning and packing your storage areas, the next important task is to pack the rooms. Similarly, start from the rooms like guest rooms and living room which are not essential in the daily routine. Pack all the clothes, kitchen items and appliances a week before you move. You should pack the essential rooms including bedrooms, kids room, kitchen and the bathroom at last. But make sure that you have put some clothes aside for the last few days (before the  move). For professional packing services, hire professional packers and movers in your area. Like you should hire the company who is known for best house removals guildford or House Removals in Wimbledon. Similarly, you look for the moving company that is offering best removal services in your area. Packing is a tiring and hectic task, but professional packers make it easy and exciting.

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