Web Design vs. User Experience Design

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Often, you have heard people referring themselves as a employee in web designer company in India. It sounds too cool to be. But, twist in the tail comes when a person call himself as user experience design. Generally, people don’t accumulate the work of that person or rather just don’t understand. It seems to be quite similar aesthetics needed for both, but this is marginal difference between the two.

  • Web Design

New era web designer are very smart and expertise to the latest handy technologies and tool. They are cognizant of all the ingredients needed to design a quite nice website.

They imply strong command over HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Moreover, they may have knowledge Flash.

The focus of a web designer is to develop codes fit for production of a certain website and information architect.

Various other aspects are also privileged on process of web design such as its colour scheme, its icon beautification, interactivity, diagrams etc.

  • User Experience Design

UX is the acronym used for ‘user experience’ design. A user designer is a web designer but it is superior, when it comes to apprehension or skill from a web designer.

Generally, a user experience design take a project to the next level and apply finely methodology around the user. It just scrambles the project to new height with strong research resulting in articulation of specific and desired content according to user. UX designer generally focus on certain complexity before launching the website such as its navigation system i.e. user is navigated easily to other pages, its aesthetics. Moreover, it must be multi-user and very easy to handle.

The size of the website is very crucial and balancing is must. UX designer add a feature of user experience on the website, as user engagement plays a big role for running a good website.

UX design and web design are much more doing the same work, but a user experience design is calculated to be a more generic and extend opportunities when it comes to design a more complex project.

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