Top Three Destinations to Take up Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in India

A gift from the father of Ashtanga yoga, Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, the art form of Ashtanga is a contemporary style of yogic education with its ancient roots in ancient philosophy and roots. Extracted from the famous Hatha yogic science, this form is a bit modified from its mother. Ashtanga yoga classes are challenging and intense unlike its benevolent mother. Engaging the breath, gaze and body locks, Ashtanga yoga teacher training program is a demanding commitment, but a truly transforming one. The progressive series of postures have been put into a format by the founder of this form, which starts with the primary series. Focusing on physical endurance and high cardio level, the practice creates intense heat in the body of the practitioner and reforms it in the fire of hard work and determination.

India is brimming with Ashtanga yoga teacher training schools. Many states offer this form of yoga teacher training and here are the top 3 locations to take this up.

Ashtanga yoga teacher training


Mysore is the birthplace of Ashtanga, as Sri K. Pattabhi Jois poured life into this segment of yoga in this holy town. Attracting people for Ashtanga yoga teacher training in India, it is one of the most popular destinations amongst the connoisseurs of an intense yogic practice. Many have transferred from a mild and subtle Hatha practice to this eight-limbed version of yogic education. Mysore speaks of true Indian heritage and is home to many temples, forts and museums. Indian culture can be seen in the streets here. If you are not looking for a certification course, you could simply take Ashtanga yoga classes, which can be easily found all around the town. The place offers cheap accommodation and holistic Indian food at multiple cafes and homestays. Indulge in free walking or have an interaction with the locals. The real India comes to life in this Southern India.


The holy land of India, apart from being a celebrated destination for yoga teacher training and yoga retreats in India, it is also a pilgrimage for Indians. The town speaks of true yogic values as one can find ashrams, schools and institutions that are offering education and drop in classes. To complement spiritual learning, it also has Indian cooking classes, Heena sessions, massage centers, Ayurveda courses and many other things to indulge in. A hippie or a tourist can find a refuge in the heaven of Rishikesh. Many people come here for months to truly explore the Indian heritage, gain real yogic awareness and also to experience the free vibe of India. Also, the Ananda spa, which is one of the best spas in Asia is placed here. A place where one can unwind and learn Ashtanga yoga or get pampered in the lap of nature.

Yoga teacher training in India


Located at the Southern tip of India, Kerala is home to many Ashtanga yoga teacher training schools. Kerala is also referred to as the mother of Ayurveda one can really learn the ancient art forms of Indian heritage here. The coastline, clear blue sky and the green vistas, help a yogi to experience encouragement from the nature to explore his or her inner being. The greenest part of India is a home to hippies, travelers, spiritual seekers and free souls. Learn and become a master of yogic science with the Ashtanga yoga classes or Ayurveda cooking course. Flooded with choices, the place will spoil its guests with a whole range of options to explore. Tea gardens, mountain range, beautiful coastline, splendid backwaters, lush green forests, the place has it all and offers the best yogic certifications with the best teachers.

All the three destinations are perfect for to become a yoga teacher and also enjoy India like nowhere else.

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