Monasteries in Sikkim

Religious diversity in India

The religious diversity of India makes is even vulnerable to internal segregations and tensions, but on the contrary, the spiritual shrines in the secular state be it gurudwaras, masjids, temples, churches or monasteries unite the country on the name of god, the only thread to eternity.  Different states in India are religiously, linguistically, geologically and geographically variant from one another but what connects them into a state of secularism is the spirit of patriotism and the belief of being offspring of the eternal soul or the supreme soul, God.

All the religions in India be it Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism, Islam or Christianity preach its followers of the existence of a supreme soul that is responsible for the creation of this universe and the same is proven by various phrases taken from religious epics like Bible, Quran, Bhagwat Geeta and Guru Granth Sahib Ji.


Monasteries in Sikkim

The state of Sikkim is an important Buddhist spiritual center in India. It houses numerous monasteries of spiritual and cultural importance like Chawayng Ani Monastery, Lachen Monastery, Lachung Monastery, Dalling Monastery, Kewwzing Monastery, Namchi Monastery, Enchey Monastery, Karthok Monastery, Dubdi Monastery, Sinon Monastery, Khecheopalri Monastery, Mallu Monastery, Hee Gyathang Monastery, Simik Monastery and etc.

Tourists and residents of Sikkim can experience the intimacy with the spiritual soul as the devoted monks clad in red wraps chants the sacred hymns while the gentle lights of the baroque lamps flicker before the grandiose statues of the great Guru Padmasambhava at the monasteries. Further, the picturesque state of Sikkim, landlocked in the lap of the mystic Himalayas, provide the natural setup that adds to the beauty of the monasteries like Tashiding Monastery and etc. These spiritual shrines in Sikkim demonstrate the ancient rituals and rules which are in still in use even in recent times.


The most touching and beholding feature of these shrines is the flags, several colorful prayer flags which represent the five elements of nature – earth, sky, water, air and fire. The monasteries in Sikkim are also known for the religious ceremonies that take place in them. Bhum Chu, the annual holy water ceremony that prophesies the future of the State takes place in this one of the most sacred monasteries in Sikkim, Tashiding monastery.

There are numerous monasteries n Sikkim like Pemayangtse Monastery and Sanga Chelling Monastery that are eminent as one of the oldest monasteries in the serene state of Sikkim. A few other monasteries like Enchey Monastery, Phensang Monastery, Phodang Monastery, etc. further makes the state even more appealing and engaging during the festival month of December.



Sikkim is an important tourism center of India and Gangtok is the capital of the state. Gangtok Tour packages are now widely available at online sites due to the emerging significance of the city as an important tourism hub. The major reason behind it is the religious significance of the place vested in the ecstatic monasteries, the plethora of flora and fauna and the scenic beauty of Sikkim.

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