Lustful Leggings: Why We Can’t Care Less!

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While the world went debating whether women should wear leggings in the year 2015, our middle finger itched to get to some action. The whole controversy around leggings started earlier this year when a women confessed of feeling guilty of enticing men, every time she wore leggings. According to her, wearing of leggings cause men to not honour women and have towards them, what she calls ‘lustful thoughts.’

Yes, you read it right. The oh-so-comfy piece of clothing designed to make women feel relaxed while in it has been accused of having men salivating on seeing women in it. There is so much that is wrong with the thought process that we, at decide to remind the world, the critics as well as supporters of leggings, why every women deserve many pairs of luscious leggings.


1) Leggings are amazingly breathable and comfortable. The feeling women get after slipping into them after a hectic day, squeezed in jeans and pants is as relieving as an orgasm.

2) There are so many stunning, chic and edgy styles of leggings available that denying them to women would be as good as depriving them of food J

3) Leggings are the very definition of versatility. Women can literally do everything in them- exercise, shopping, work and casual outings are few things that a pair of cool leggings make uber convenient for women.

4) Though, we couldn’t care any less for the moral police; leggings, for the record, give full coverage to the legs, making them a favourite in most seasons.

5) Because there are drool-worthy styles up for grabs at

Women have been blessed with leggings and there is no reason why they should maintain any distance from them. If you need some help on how to rock this style, below are some of the tips to rock the style:

Women Leggings

1) Wear your leggings with a longer top, tunic or tee than the one you would wear with your jeans or pants, if you are aiming to make a fashion statement.

2)Wearing darker shades of leggings with pastel hues is hot this season.

3) Your legging love will go extreme once you check yourself out in the mirror after teaming it with your thigh-high skirt.

4) Boots work great with leggings but if you would rather have your feet breathe, pairing them with wedge heels during spring and summer months can work equally well.

5) It is easier to go wrong with leggings. So, to avoid falling prey to common legging mistakes go for subtler prints and stay away from too many embellishments.

Did you know?

Originally, leggings were worn as two different piece of garments over both legs instead of being a pant-like clothing piece that we know it as today.

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