Interesting Facts About Clothing Labels

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The importance of clothing labels is well-known to everyone. Every other person in the garment industry hails this multi-purpose tags on the clothes. Besides the manufacturer, customers also attentively look these brand labels and assess the quality of the product. Basically, we can say that garment labels are none less than identity of the brands.

Besides all the quality of garment labels, still there are much more things which one should know for proper use of these labels. Here are some facts for better understanding.

  • Categories of labels

Mainly there are two categories of garment labels, both are popular and used mostly. One is printed labels and other is woven labels.

Printed labels are usually made out of satin, cotton or poly blends, which looks very genuine and simple. Being very soft and delicate to skin, they are widely used in toddler garments and in-garments. They are less expensive and efficient.

Labels woven into clothing are made up of fabric like taffeta, satin, and damask. They have very finely work and known for its long-lasting feature. Much bigger brands use woven labels for their professional appearance.

  • Availability

Labels are available in various shapes, sizes and designs. There is no such standard measurement for these labels. Basically, the size of the labels depends upon the size of the final product. Also, the choice of the manufacturer matters. All in all, it should compliment your product and enhance its appearance.


  • Necessity to be visible

Often, one ask a question that why the garment labels put on the visible side of clothes, why not inside. The answer is very simple; these labels aim to advertise the brands and manufacturer name. The brand logo, its name is printed on these labels, so that customer could identify the brand. Also, they carry some very useful caring tips and fabric used. It helps customer to determine the quality of the product and its suitability.

  • Information

Apart from the advertisement, the main cause of putting these labels on the clothes is the piece of information they carry. It is very necessary for them to flaunt maintenance instructions for the customer so that they could manage to deal with clothes efficiently and enhance its durability. Cleaning tips, ironing tips and suitable temperature to store the clothes are the information, they carry.

  • Manufacturer details

This is a part which is not known to most of the people. It is important for labels to mention the country of origin for the fabric, the manufacturing company, the packaging company and other. It plays crucial part in trade. Every country has its own norms and regulation. May some country charge more or less taxes? So, it would helpful for the vendors to decide, whether they want it or not.

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