Features You Can’t Miss In Your Next College ERP

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Opting for the right College ERP could in fact turn out to be an interesting experience, given the multitude of features that vie for attention. While some of them are basic and essential, there are few others that leverage technology advancements to enhance the efficiency and simplify daily operations to a great extent.

Let’s take a look at some features worth the investment

Hostel Management

Hostels are an integral part of most colleges. Apart from the usual admission module, features to manage hostel accommodations and canteen/mess facilities go a long way in reducing manual effort spent on these functions. Right from availability and allotment of rooms or beds in shared dormitories, to tracking visitor details and collecting fees, hostel management can prove a boon to both students and the management as well.

Library Management

Managing the movement of books to and from the college library that caters to hundreds of students is definitely not an easy task. A library management module spanning the whole gamut of activities right from book procurement and indexing to tracking circulation, returns and fee collection is definitely a value add, given the fact that most of these books are indeed expensive!

RFID and Biometrics

It is high time colleges implemented RFID tagged smart cards and Biometric identifications to mark student attendance and also track movement of students within the campus. Student absenteeism is a known problem that can be thus tackled efficiently. Bar Coded access cards work equally well.

Placement Management

Yet another important feature of college ERP that can make quite a difference is placement management.  Keeping track of placement related activities right from organizing placement drives and campus interviews to maintaining records of placements will come in handy to prepare students for future jobs and of course, improve the institution’s efforts to place their students in reputed companies. The need for due diligence of hiring companies has hogged limelight as of late.

Election Management

Student elections are serious affairs that need to be monitored closely. Automating the entire election process not only saves time but ensures a fair election by minimizing chances of any rigging! Defining posts for elections, receiving nominations and support for nominations, secure online voting, counting of votes and announcing results instantly are but some of facilities being provided.

Learning Management

Learning management prove valuable not only for the students but also serve to help teaching staff in their career progression. Learning management features effectively help define the life-cycle of any course offered by the college. Topics, lessons, class schedule, course material, assessments, projects – all key learning elements can be defined and tracked quite effectively.

The key however is to ensure that the learning management offerings enhance student engagement. While it is the course content which drives student engagement, how lessons are delivered also heavily influence participation, especially of college students, who have access to vast learning resources outside the classroom as well.

Visitor Management

Tracking movement of visitors within the college and hostel facilities is of prime importance. Security of the premises and its inhabitants is a key concern, and controlled access to some extent can help detect and prevent unauthorized entry into restricted areas, or misuse of premises.

Event Planning is a great feature to have in the college ERP, given the number of intercollegiate events and competitions that are usually conducted year after year.  Budgeting funds and tracking expenses definitely get easier when accurate records need to be maintained.

Alumni Management also proves valuable as it enables the institution to stay in touch with old students and draw upon their real-life experiences to shape the future of other youngsters.

White the essential Admin-friendly features are commonly available in all College and School ERPs; focus on student-centric features will help improve student participation and make life easier for all stakeholders!

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