Enjoy The Beauty Of Kerala Tree Houses

The beauty of Kerala is truly magically. No wonder why it has been called as “God’s own country”. The place is a great therapy to one’s soul. Tourist visits the place from across the borders and lost in the beauty of the place. The landscape encompasses enormous beauty and the best way to enjoy this exclusive experience is by spending some days in a “Tree-house”.  Though the hotel accommodation is really good in Kerala but the experience of Tree-house is truly unmatched. It has become a major focal destination of Kerala tourism and is included in various Kerala tour packages.


So if you want to escape from your busy life schedule and spend some days in the tranquility, there’s no better experience than a Kerala tree house. I will introduce with top three places which are known for its tree houses.

Thekkady Treehouses

The tree houses in this area are constructed over single trees which are extremely tall near to 30 feet.  The place is surrounded with rich flora and fauna along with melodious music of birds chirping. The tree houses are build here are a great combination of luxury with comfort.  The tree houses are extremely safe and build strongly in keeping the safety of its guests from kids to senior citizens. Moreover, the place is also close to the famous Periyar Wildlife Park. The place encompasses a rich variety of animals and is home to rare seen species. Though the tree houses are away from the city life, but they are equipped with a great combination of nature along with latest amenities.

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Wayanad is another magical place when it comes to Tree house resorts. The place is better known as the gateway of eco-friendly jungle. The place gives an enchanting view and brings you more close to nature. Similar to the thekkady tree house which are known for the chirping of birds, the tree houses at Wayanad produce a great amalgamation nature sounds.   The place is a truly a perfect picturesque spot and if you are the one who is always in hunt of such place then Wayand tree houses is your destination. This place also attracts people who are looking to spend their vacation in a soothing ambiance away from the tourist crowd. The place is situated at the top head of old Munnar Mountains and gives a splendid view of rarely seen species and is completely a delight for the eyes.


Athirapally is known for its beautiful waterfalls, it’s actually known as the largest water falls in Kerala. The treehouse near this area, try to catch the view of its waterfalls which makes you say simply “Wao”.  The treehouses are constituted in a big area and are covered with thick green forests. The beauty of the place lies in the freshness of the place. Moreover the treehouses are designed in luxurious style and in sync with the diverse requirements of its clients.


The beauty of Kerala is truly a rare one and unmatched which makes me think that even God must be proud after creating the place. Though the state is covered with beautiful ecological spots, diverse geographies and lush green forests, but its Treehouse remain an important part of its beauty. Hence, you should spend some days in the beautiful tree house, resorts in order to truly enjoy the beauty of the state. These were my suggestion of top 3 kerala tree house places which you must add to your bucket list.

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