Effective Ways To Preserve Flowers

A beautiful bouquet of fresh blooming flowers from your loved one had surely melted your heart. But, tell me one thing what happened to those flowers the very next day? Were they fresh at that time as well or just withered? Whatever the result maybe but one thing is obvious that everyone had tried to preserve their memories but unfortunately failed.


The wedding season is on roll and with them the temperature is also soaring. It is obvious one have to face problems while preserving fresh flowers for wedding decoration and other uses.

Here are few effective ways for flower preservation.

  • Air ventilation

The first and the most common technique for preserving flowers are through air ventilation. It takes very less time and hence the most used by everyone. The technique is applicable and suitable on all the flowers. Just one have to hang flowers upside down in a dark room where flow of air optimum. It would take a week or two for complete dryness.

  • Glycerin

The second possible way to preserve flowers is through applying glycerin. Well, green grasses like Gypsophila and Alchemilla is well suited for glycerin preservation. Prepare a solution of hot water mixed with glycerin and stir the mixture thoroughly. Leave them and let it cool. Further, cut the stems and soak in to the mixture.

  • Microwaving

This might amaze you that how an electronic object can actually help in preserving natural resource, but it is true. One can replace the majestic fauna inside the microwave oven in place of food. It is shocking to know that machine which is used for cooking can actually help to prolong lives of flowers.

Put a non-metallic container inside oven and further put leaves and flowers on them. Set the temperature at moderate level and let them dry. The time and temperature may vary according to the flowers. For example roses needs more heat compare to daisies which withstand only at low temperature. It is suggested to use silica gel to preserve the shape of the flowers.


Uses of desiccant

Several desiccants can be used to preserve flowers.

First is the fine sand, the traditional method used for preserving flowers. Though this technique is very effective but at the same time it bruises away the soft delicate petals.

Another desiccant is borax which is very cheap method in term of its cost but one has to be very careful while using it, as it causes irritation in eyes.

The above methods are widely used all over the world for preserving flowers. Now, one can save its precious memories and gifts offered by the loved ones for many days. Your ordered flowers would be safe even in sparkling sunshine or in any extreme condition.

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