Different types of QuickBooks Hosting Modes

A hosted Quickbooks is a very convenient software which you can use install on a server and authorize multiple users to connect, collaborate and provide inputs accordingly. The Quickbooks hosting software is very similar to Quickbooks desktop version in terms of features, but it provides more flexibility and accessibility.


What is a Quickbooks Hosting Mode?

A Quickbooks hosting mode is not to be confused with Quickbooks Hosting or Quickbooks Cloud. In the case of Quickbooks cloud, the user can install the software on a server and all the users can access it from anywhere they want as long they have the authorization. In Quickbooks hosting mode, the Quickbooks hosting is turned on for a limited time for file and data sharing and once the exchange is complete the Quickbooks Hosting mode is turned off. Once the Quickbooks hosting mode is turned off, no other user can access the file anymore.

QUICKBook support

There are 3 types of Quickbooks hosting Modes.

Dedicated Hosting– The main server which is hosting the Quickbooks must have the files uploaded on the dedicated server, it does not necessarily have to be from the main user of the Quickbooks. Other people in their respective workstation can access the files once they have installed Quickbooks too.

Peer to Peer Hosting– This is based on a single host who is also the main host. In this the company who wants to share their files or data, hosts the program and other devices can access the files from the main workstation. The Quickbooks hosting mode will only be turned on by the person who wants to share his/her files, the rest of the devices will keep their hosting mode off.


Alternate Hosting- You can say the alternate hosting mode is a mix of dedicated hosting and Peer to peer hosting. The alternate hosting also uses the dedicated server where the files have been uploaded. One device accesses that files from the server and enables the Quickbooks hosting mode, the other devices can then connect to the host and get access to the files. In order to access the files, Quickbooks should be installed in all of the devices, including the main host and rest of the devices will keep the Quickbooks hosting mode disabled.

All in all, switch to Hosted Quickbooks or Quickbooks on cloud to avoid all this hassle and enjoy the flexibility and accessibility all the time. For any technical advice or professional help you can even approach a Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

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