Csr – a Way to Sustainable Development

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Sustainable development is nothing but achieving economic/human development without depleting natural resources. Time and again, development has taken a toll on natural resources, ruining civilizations in the past and forcing people to migrate towards richer terrain. With very little forest cover and freshwater sources left, it is time to act responsibly to preserve and if possible restore natural resources so that they continue to nourish the growing population.

We do know that several industrial and commercial ventures have polluted water sources not only on the surface but underground as well, and continue to do.  Air pollution is on the rise and soil is fast running out of nutrients, thanks to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  The mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) requirements are simply an opportunity for large corporations to clean up and revive the natural environment, and also adopt sustainable operations to optimize the use of natural resources.

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CSR – Influence on Sustainable Development

Though CSR projects are mostly remedial actions to offset the damage already done, working with one of the best CSR companies in India, such as Fiinovation, can help you fully understand the nature and extent to which natural resources have been misused or overused to the point of depletion.

While your company may have all infrastructures in place to treat effluents or tap resources more responsibly, defending a company’s processes and practices is quite easy as long as you aren’t aware of the real impact or consequences of seemingly routine operations.  Fiinovation and other best CSR companies in the country have the necessary expertise and capabilities to research ground realities and assess the viability of CSR initiatives. These research findings may also serve as valuable insights, urging responsible corporates to adopt /incorporate sustainable practices in daily operations.

Typically, a company will embark on CSR projects that benefit the immediate neighborhood.  Any imbalance in the local eco-system, therefore, is likely to be caused by a handful of companies operating in the area. A close study of the local environment, other companies operating in the vicinity, the nature and scale of operations etc., provide valuable lessons on how best you can improve your processes and operations to ensure sustainable development.

Implement CSR In-House

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A small yet significant step towards sustainable development would be to attempt social responsibility in-house, in a manner that best suits your nature of activities.

Tapping alternate sources of energy, especially solar energy to meet at least a small part of your power requirements would be a great start.  Naturally-lit and well-ventilated work environments do cut down the need for power considerably, as exemplified by Infosys offices across India.

Judicious use of water, rainwater harvesting in own premises, optimal use of grey water, plus effective effluent treatment processes can make a lot of difference if you are a large corporate with sprawling offices/factories/commercial spaces. With each and every process or person using water responsibly, results are bound to be encouraging.

Sustainable sourcing is very similar to a chain reaction, affecting every single link in the chain, but positively.  The entire business network slowly yet surely adopts sustainable and ethical practices to further develop their operations.

These are simple examples that almost everyone is aware, but unable to implement or practice for reasons best known to them. When put into action, they are bound to transform lives and the environment as well.

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