Benefits of Yoga for Paralysis

The deadly disease, Paralysis is characterized by the loss of muscle function in the body resulting in the incapability to move and feel certain parts of the body. It can be temporary or permanent depending upon the cause of the fatal disease. The causes could be many; stroke, spinal cord injury, and multiple sclerosis. All these causes are typically concerned with nerve damage, being the major cause behind partial or complete paralysis. There are various types of paralysis depending upon the area of the body where the nerves are damaged.

Yoga for paralysis has been seen as one of the best remedies. Yoga is the knowledge of wellbeing. Various yoga asans and postures are key tools to obtaining spiritual, mental and physical benefits. Yoga literally means ‘Union’ and here, it suggests the union of the soul and the body for the wellbeing of the mankind.

Natural methods to cure diseases have always been seen as the most effective ways and what better than yoga? These yoga asans help cure the early symptoms of Paralysis and various other deadly diseases like cancer, arthritis, etc.

  • Siddhasana:

Siddhasana is known to cure the symptoms of paralytics to a large extent. Regular practice of this asana provides composure to the mind and energizes the body. It is significantly useful for the people suffering with nervous related muscle issues.


  • Parvatasana:

Parvatasana is also known as Mountain yoga pose is very beneficial for restraining and treating paralysis. It helps in stretching of the muscle arms, spinal cord and abdomen and relieving the body from the nervous and muscle related body troubles like paralysis.


  • Easy Pose :

As the name suggests, it is an easy pose that can be performed by anyone easily. It aims at making your spine straight. The mind is also calmed down with the help of this pose.

easy pose

  • Half Spinal Twist Pose :

This asan is helpful in providing strength to most important parts of muscular system i.e. spine straight and strong. It makes your spine long, strong and straight.


  • Veerasna:

The asan helps in increasing the hunger of the patient which pursues him/her to do more work out and keep the body healthy and fit. Veerasna typically means a brave hero pose; ‘Veera’ means a warrior or a brave hero and ‘asana’ means pose.


  • Alom Vilom Pranayaam:

This asan comprises of breathing in and breathing out. It is practiced to treat the eraly or temporary symptoms of paralysis and even known to treat complete paralysis. If one’s left side is paralysed, then one must practice the pose from the right and vice-vera.


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