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Types of Maintenance to Ensure Total Productivity

What is total productive maintenance? TPM or total productive maintenance is not at all a new concept; rather, it’s originated in the 1950s in Japan. However, now it’s more popular and used by many companies globally. TPM is a maintenance program used to service the machines and plants to avoid any big loss of machinery. The ...

How to Get Personal Loan With Poor Credit History

Have you heard the statement that getting a personal loan is extremely easy? Yes, it’s a popular statement which banks usually use to craft their marketing strategy. But, they never highlight the “conditions applied “factor. Getting personal loan is really quick, but, only with a clear credit history. It’s because of the nature of the loan. A ...

Interesting Facts About Clothing Labels

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The importance of clothing labels is well-known to everyone. Every other person in the garment industry hails this multi-purpose tags on the clothes. Besides the manufacturer, customers also attentively look these brand labels and assess the quality of the product. Basically, we can say that garment labels are none less than identity of the brands. Besides ...

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