8 Essential Equipment for a Wedding Photography

I am sure most of the people when thinking about getting married; a professional photographer only comes to their mind. A professional photographer will be able to capture tiniest details of your wedding and will make sure that you look good in your photos. He/she will take numerous attempts until they find a perfect shot, even when they don’t have to.

Now, I am sure amateur photographer also dreamt of shooting a wedding and getting paid for the good job they did. A difference between a professional photographer and a newbie photographer is just experience. This experience guides them regarding the equipment, how to handle a potential disaster, how to take lovely candid shots, and what not. Well, I cannot make you a professional photographer instantly, but I can provide you information so that you can learn faster and reach the stage where I am faster. Today, I am going to talk about the essential equipment which you should carry with yourself at the wedding.


  1. Camera and backup camera-

This is very important, and you never know when your trusty camera which you successfully used for years gets damaged. Keep at least three cameras, two as primary and one as a backup. I know the chances are sporadic, but you should be prepared even for the least expected things, you can drop and damage your camera by accident, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  1. Medium Zoom Lens

This should be a no-brainer. I have a 24-70 f2.8 lens, and I keep this as my medium lens. While capturing wedding shots, there will come a time when you need to capture a faraway shot which you portrait lens cannot shoot, and by the time you will physically reach the point the opportunity will be missed. So have this lens on the second camera.

  1. Telephoto Lens

You will get very rare opportunity to use this lens, most work will be done with the portrait and medium lens, but while you are at big budget weddings, this camera is must, as the set is pretty big. A telephoto lens also comes handy when you need to capture a close up shot of something far away.

  1. Wide Angle lens and Prime lens

This one also is no brainer. These both lenses are must to have, prime lens for shooting portraits and wide angle lens for taking those big family pictures. A prime lens is also great for low light photography.

  1. Memory card, batteries and speed lights-

While shooting you never know when your 32 GB card got full, so be sure to take at least four memory cards of 32 GB (including one as backup). You are going to run out of batteries like water, so keep several batteries handy with you. Speedlight are great for capturing low light situations. I know there are plenty of artificial lighting at wedding location, but this is something I learned, and that is there is never enough light, especially if you don’t want grainy pictures.

  1. Flash Diffusers-

Flash diffusers are pretty handy for controlling the lighting. It also helps take better portraits pictures. Wedding photographers often carry 2-3 different types of flash diffusers for getting better results.

  1. Camera and lens maintenance kit-

Your maintenance kit should first of all has a bag for carrying your cameras and lens. This bag should have all the essential lens cleaning accessories and space for your lens hoods.

  1. Light stands and tripods-

For capturing stable videos tripods are musts. You can also carry compact tripod stands which cost a little more but are very handy and save a lot of space too. Lastly, you will need light stands to mount your speed-lights.



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