4 Most Crucial Ranking Factors in 2017

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Google has taken SEO to a very far end and it has now become a deep field of study. Most search engines for better user experience keep updating their algorithms and so does Google (world’s most used search engine). All ranking factors do not weight same and also not weight same for constant period of time. It is important to keep yourself updated about latest ranking factors. To keep yourself ahead of your competitors it is important to give weight to ranking factors as does the recent update in search engines algorithm. This article covers 4 most crucial ranking factors in 2017, so let’s rock towards these factors:

Ranking Factors


Content was and still the most important factor in Google’s search algorithm. Google gives great priority to content but it has shifted its weight towards content featured in natural language rather than keyword stuffed content. The use of keywords stuffed content is decreasing continuously as Google and other search engines have shifted their weight from keyword stuffed content to relevant and more informative content. How does search determine the content is informative and relevant? Well, the answer is simple, use of images, infographics and videos


Let’s start with defining backlinks first:  backlinks are incoming links to your website or individual webpage.

When one page links somehow to another page it is called backlink for the linked website. It is one of the most used term is world of SEO. They are considered the most important ranking factor of search engine optimization. There are different terms related to backlinks which should be defined for better understanding:

Link juice:

Link juice is basically a weight that is passed on from the linking website to the linked website. The greater the link juice will be the more it will benefit your domain authority and SEO position.


There are certain conventions when websites link to each other. If you use rel attribute of HTML in your anchor text with property as nofollow, it becomes unable to be read by search engine crawler. No-follow links do not contribute in SEO practices in anyway.

Moblie friendly experience:

Search engines mostly Google is giving high priority to responsive websites. The reason for this priority is that according to statistics search queries from hand held devices have doubled the amount of searches made from desktop devices. This is the reason why it has become one of the crucial ranking factor in latest Google’s algorithm update.

Other factors:

Other factors include old SEO practices which are still applicable and useful in 2017. Such factors are mostly on-page optimization factors such as:

HTML Tags:

HTML tags like H1, H2 are the first things which crawler takes into consideration when crawling a page. H1 tag tells crawler that important information is starting from here and similarly other HTML tags. It is relatively old practice but it still works fine and you should not miss the chance.

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